Welcome to Plume demo 🎉

This gatsby theme allows you to easily build a documentation website.

Easy to start with 👌

On the first run, the theme will create some files to begin with: now the only thing you will have to do will be to begin write some documentation !

Note : See installation instructions and usage information for more details

Powered by MDX 💪

Plume theme allows you to write your documentation using your own React components, so if you need custom UI elements on your documentation - just do a React component and use it in your document !

Playground included 🎁

Since you will probably use this theme to make a React documentation anyway, we decided to give you the ability to produce a live playground editor for your code !

For instance, this is a playground for Colored Buttons: you can toggle the editor by clicking on Show the code, edit the code and run it !


A button can have different containers.

Show code

Note : You can check more examples of Playground usages in the Components section, for instance Button 👌.

Fully customisable 📝

Theme shadowing is a gatsby feature that allows you to replace any file / component of the theme by your own if you want to.

In making the theme, we purposely made some components explicitly available for shadowing. The intent is to use this feature for maximal customization power - but making the most commonly customized files easily accessible.

For more details on how to customize the theme, check the theme customization instructions.

Note : We used this feature to produce this theme around semantic-ui in order to override the colors and the navigation tree.