Installation instructions

Add the theme to your gatsby project

Note : If you don't have any project, just start with gatsby new my-awesome-project

Add the theme to your project dependencies:

  • yarn add gatsby-theme-plume

Declare the plugin in gatsby-config.js:

module.exports = {
  plugins: ['gatsby-theme-plume'],

Note : If you don't have any src/index.js file in your project, the theme will also create a default route so that you have a gatsby site exclusively dedicated to your plume documentation.

Just try the demos

If you just want to try the demos in local, just run:

  • gatsby new my-awesome-documentation
  • cd my-awesome-documentation

Then you have the choice:

  • yarn demo start

This will make the semantic-ui-demo run on port 8000 locally.


  • yarn minimal-demo start

This will run a minimal gatsby installation that uses gatsby-theme-plugin